Kudus is a city in north Central Java 52 km from semarang. Kudus’ society is hard workers, everyday they go in early morning and go home late. At night, many people still work in their work place.

Kudus is an educational city. There are many Primary Schools, Junior High Schools, Senior High Schools, dormitories and universities such UMK and STAIN.

Kudus’ society is a religious society. There is Menara Kudus Mosque, according to the ancient inscription in the Mosque, we can see that Menara Kudus Mosque was built in 956 H / 1549 M by Sayeed Ja3far Al Sade9.

In Kudus city there are many industries was built. Such us embroidery home industries, which produces souvenir, cloth, dress, women’s praying-reil, table cloth, etc. There are some big cigarette industries such us Djarum, Jambu Bol, Sukun, Nojorono, etc.

The original food from Kudus is Soto Kudus, Sate Kudus, Jenang Kudus and Bandeng Presto. Don’t forget do buy it when you are going to Kudus.